About Us

Operated by Tides, the Thoreau Centers are green nonprofit centers located in San Francisco and New York City. Dedicated to social, cultural and environmental sustainability, Tides Thoreau Centers are named after the American writer and naturalist Henry David Thoreau. As American’s first notable naturalist, Thoreau believed in the importance of democracy and advocated living in harmony with nature.

An early advocate of shared spaces, Tides believes housing diverse changemakers under one roof builds collective impact. Sharing space develops trust among organizations, which in turn fosters collaboration ranging from building networks and sharing resources to joint fundraising or program delivery. Tides continuously seeks ways to catalyze collaborative relationships among Thoreau community members, challenging them to take risks together to tackle society’s toughest problems. On top of all this, we strive to provide quality, affordable office space so social benefit organizations can more easily achieve their missions.

Beyond shared space, Tides provides an array of services that amplifies the efforts of forward-thinking philanthropists, foundations, activists and organizations to make the world a better place. Tides helps create environmentally and financially sustainable workspaces for nonprofits and communities to come together. Learn more about Tides here.

Tides is a proud member of the Nonprofit Center Network which promotes and supports shared space and social purpose real estate.

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