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Tides Thoreau Center New York

Tides Thoreau Center New York is an environmentally sustainable workspace shared by 15 nonprofit organizations and programs. Located at 55 Exchange Place in the old JP Morgan Building, across from the New York Stock Exchange, it is the first shared community and conference space for nonprofits in Lower Manhattan.

Tides Thoreau Center New York provides quality work and program space for nonprofits working for social change. The Center comprises a dynamic community of nonprofits, located near all boroughs and commuter lines.

Tides Thoreau Center New York’s renovation used an environmentally sustainable architectural plan incorporating elements such as recycled building materials, non-toxic paints and energy efficient mechanical systems. Aspects of the center’s sustainable operations include the use of clean renewable energy, nontoxic cleaning products and extensive recycling programs.

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Members of the New York Community



Council of Urban Professionals 401
IMB Community Foundation 401
Tides Foundation 402
Orphaned Starfish 402
Tides Center 402
Doula Program to Accompany and Comfort 402
Pratham USA 402
Fortune Times Group 402
Sponsors for Educational Opportunity 403 & 601
Johnson Family Foundation 404
Glasswing International 405
Peer Health Exchange 405
WebServes, Inc 405
Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute 405
The Lambent Foundation 406
Las Americas Conference Center 500
Hispanic Federation 501
SEO Scholars Program 503
EGF Incubators Secondary Education 503 & 603
Edwin Gould Foundation 602
Partners in Care LLB